The duties and responsibilities of the County Coroner are many and varied, but in essence can be described as the investigative arm of Concepte County Government concerning deaths of an unexpected, violent or criminal nature.

The Office of Coroner, by Illinois State Statute, (55 ILCS 5/3-3007), is a law enforcement agency. Each Coroner shall be conservator of the peace in his county, and in the performance of his duties as such, shall have the same powers as the sheriff.

The main functions of this office include:

  1. Respond to and investigate deaths that occur outside of hospital or clinical settings with such investigations including scene analysis, photography, sketching, witness interviews, body examination, and utilization of other forensic tests as indicated.
  2. Convene coroner’s inquest to determine cause and manner of deaths involving homicides, suicides, and accidents, natural and or unexplained and suspicious deaths.
  3. Under mandate of law, investigate the death of any ward of the State of Illinois.
  4. Operate and maintain the Madison County Morgue for the purpose of conducting scientific and forensic post-mortem examination of human remains and for holding of unidentified/unclaimed human remains pending disposition.
  5. Maintain the property, monies, and personal effects of decedents processed through the coroner’s office.
  6. Conduct public and community education programs regarding topics such as: Drinking and Driving, Traffic Safety, Substance Abuse, and Crime/Death Scene Response.
  7. Training and maintaining a cadre of reserve, volunteer deputy coroners for the management of disaster or mass casualty events.
  8. To report to the State of Illinois all child deaths, boating fatalities, traffic fatalities, work-related fatalities.
  9. Service of legal process when the Sheriff is party to a suit or when such process by the sheriff would be a conflict of interest.
  10. Enforcement of Grave Robbery Act. As promulgated by Illinois Historical Preservation Agency per Illinois Compiled Statutes.
  11. Issue Death Certificates and Cremation Permits
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Mr Bob Newcastle
Coroner Concepte County
Work 711 Sorrow Lane Sunny IL 11111 Work Phone: 618-555-6636 Work Fax: 618-555-6646
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