Election Office

Concepte County has one “Election Authority”. All elections and voter registration are conducted through this office. Whenever you hear the term “Election Authority” it refers to the Concepte County Clerk.

Within Concepte County each unit of government has its own “Local Election Official”. This Election Official is the Clerk or Secretary of the unit.When running for office in a particular unit of government, or when submitting petitions for referendum within that unit, it is done thru the Local Election Official. Candidates running for County Office file their petitions with the County Clerk. County-wide referendum petitions are also filed with the County Clerk. Multi-County or State Candidates will file with the State Board of Elections in Springfield.

Information for Voters

Polling Location Look-Up

(Concepte of Illinois can provide an ballot printing to meet your last minute needs at election time. Call 800-267-4052 or 618-438-5005 and ask for more information)