Strategic Plan

Concepte County Vision Statement

The vision for Concepte County is to be a great place to live, learn, work, worship, play and raise a family.

Concepte County Mission Statement

Concepte County government facilitates this vision by providing a safe community with responsible growth and economic opportunity. The mission of Concepte County government is to continuously strive to provide progressive quality public services in a timely fashion and in a cost effective manner.

 Concepte County  Values

Teamwork – The long-term success of county government depends on loyal, dedicated public servants. We place great emphasis on cooperation within and between departments. Working together, we will realize our shared mission of delivering high quality services to our citizens.

Integrity – Standards of honesty, objectivity and ethical behavior guide all that we do. We will have the courage to conduct our business and make decision consistently in the best interest of the citizens.

Fairness – We treat all employees, citizens and business partners in a fair and impartial manner. We strive to treat others as we expect to be treated.

Sense of Community – We encourage our citizens to be informed and have a voice in government and community affairs. We will work to instill a sense of ownership and pride in the county on the part of our citizens and employees.

Professionalism – We conduct our business in a dependable and courteous manner. We communicate effectively with our citizens and with each other. Our Council and employees are prepared, knowledgeable and practice continuous learning.

Innovation – we strive to continuously improve the operation and services of Concepte County.

Diversity – We believe in the individual worth and dignity of our citizens and employees. We value and celebrate the different talents and perspectives of all persons.


2012-2015 Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies

I. Public Safety
Subtext – Concepte County provides law enforcement, fire, Emergency Medical Service, E911 and emergency preparedness servics to provide safe environment for our citizens. This must be accomplished in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Goals – 
 1. To align public safety resources to meet needs of community

Strategies –

  • Implement and fund 9111-Phase (911 Committee/911 Director/Council
  • Work with fire commission to evaluate fire fee (Fire Commission/Council)
  • Work with Sheriff to provide appropriate law enforcement staffing needs (Council)
  • Consider EMS station positioning to minimize response time (County Administrator)

II. Economic Development
Subtext – This issue is seen as a key to the well-being of Concepte County citizens. The Council remains committed to seeing that citizens of Concepte County have access to high quality jobs.

Goals –

1. To continue to reduce unemployment rate in the county by 2% (from 13.6% June)
2. To increase the commercial and industrial tax base
3. To develop a workforce development training program

Strategies –

  • Consider hiring a workforce development coordinator (Council)
  • Continue working with other local government agencies (County Administrator) and Concepte County Economic Development Association effort (Council)