County Site Overview

The County website is designed and organized to ensure easy navigation by the end user and effortless updating by the administrators. The right amount of information in the right locations at the right time is the compass of this layout.

The County website provides an in-depth starting point with the layout and pages created for you. All that is needed is population and using the setup checklist and you will be able to gather the information and enter it and have a working site in the shortest period of time.

The site is divided up by County responsibility to Office responsibility and then common information. Capability to add or update instant notifications like road closures or weather or emergency response are available from anywhere you have a connection to the Internet.  Event calendars and event community photo sections are easily added to the site to help keep your citizens informed.

By providing you with a known cost, your community can budget for your new website and find the right fit of support that meets your size and needs.

Concepte of Illinois View the County Website Demo

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