Welcome and Greetings from the Mayor Larry Wilson

“Your Town” earned its title from Chicago businessman Bob Goplac in the late 1890s and chartered in 1914.

Larry Wilson

Our community was based on the production of coal and is steeped in history and traditions through a blend of nationalities that give “Your Town” its rich heritage and customs. With this heritage we continue to leave our footprint upon not only the state or all of the states but of the world. Talent flourishes in “Your Town” and as you explore our history you will see that our most important asset is our citizens. Our talent has sent clean coal to power and warm the world as well as then man whom invented the LED. So many have gone on to become state and country leaders as well as educators and business men and women. So I invite you to explore this site to learn more about “Your Town”  and to come visit us.

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